Hiding Geodatabase Tables

April 3, 2008

The following VBA function hides all on the geodatabase tables added by ESRI into an Access database. Useful if you spatially enable your users database, and they wonder what all those GDB_ tables are for..

GDB Tables

To unhide just change the Trues to False, or pass this in as a variable.Public Sub HideGeoDatabaseTables()

Dim strTableName As String For i = 0 To CurrentDb.TableDefs.Count - 1
    If CurrentDb.TableDefs(i).Name Like "GDB_*" Then
        strTableName = CurrentDb.TableDefs(i).Name
        Access.SetHiddenAttribute acTable, strTableName, True
    End If
Access.SetHiddenAttribute acTable, "SelectedObjects", True
Access.SetHiddenAttribute acTable, "Selections", True
End Sub
To view hidden objects in Microsoft Access, go to Options and check the “Hidden Objects” box.

Access Options