I’m a geodeveloper (if such as profession exists..), who writes and customises GIS web and desktop applications. I hope you find a few useful tips, or solutions to error messages somewhere on these pages. Feel free to leave any messages or questions.

One of the best aspects of GIS (and indeed programming) is that you get to work in lots of different application areas, from flooding, to fish farms, to terrain modelling. I’ve noticed recently more and more people know what GIS is (either that or just assume it is the same as GPS), for anyone who has strayed here by mistake I’ll give my stock answer of “it’s maps on computers“, although I remember a better quote from a GIS textbook as “GIS are databases with fancy shoes.”

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  1. Aaron Kreag says:

    We have 2 workstations, one with arcinfo and one with arcview installed on each local machine. ALL GIS files are shared and are in a few folders on the network. The network is using sql server. We do NOT have acr server here due to our size and the $$.
    Do you know of a way to enable a file geodatabase file so that it can be shared, edited, and /or used in a current MXD on 2 machines at the same time?? Currently, we get all of those “unable because this is locked or in use msgs”. We are able to use the same shapefile and edit it at the same time but it is unstable and one of the machines freezes up.
    Basically we are trying to figure out a way to run 2 machines at the same time and work on the same projects/files without getting arc server. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind Regards-
    US (972) 213-6819 cellular

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